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"Indigenous Mapping" is a citizen science project for Indigenous communities who observe and gather data in places with significant ecological and cultural meaning.

This project supports Indigenous communities in collecting, safeguarding and sharing precious local knowledge, including environmental science data, elders’ wisdom, Indigenous place names, and learning resources for culture-based education.

Youth, elders, family, teachers, and other community members work together to submit cultural and ecological data that they’ve gathered, and the community sets “permissions" for who can access the information that is shared.

You are invited to sign-up and request participation in this project. Once your participation is approved, you can explore data and multimedia contributions from project participants. If contributors have chosen to submit their data so that all participating indigenous communities can view it, you can explore it in maps and graphs in this project. Or visit the project pages for the participating communities, if you are connected with those communities and intend to participate:

Indigenous Communities on the Hawaiian Islands: hawaii.fieldscope.org

Indigenous Communities in and around Navajo Nation: navajo.fieldscope.org

Indigenous Communities in and around the Mariana Islands: cnmipss.fieldscope.org

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